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Posted on April 26, 2022
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Phoenix Processor LP is hiring seafood processors!

Join our team for the Spring hake season. If you have a strong work ethic and think you have what it takes to work on a vessel in a fast-paced environment, please apply. You will join the ship in Seattle, WA in May and begin an exciting career working on board the M/V Excellence or M/V Phoenix. Contract for the Spring hake fishery begins when you join the ship and lasts through the end of the season, which could be up to 60 days.

You must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 and follow our quarantine protocols prior to joining the vessel.

You earn an hourly wage with overtime, plus a case rate bonus while processing at sea. Additionally, there are incentive bonuses based on contract completion and performance. Payroll is issued twice monthly for hourly wages. Bonuses (case rate and otherwise) are paid 10 days after the end of the contract period. Housing and meals are provided at no charge.
After one year of employment you are eligible for enrollment in our health insurance and 401k plans.


- You must be able to lift 50 pounds on a regular basis, repetitively

- You will be working 12-16 hour shifts, 7 days a week in a fast paced environment with repetitive tasks

- You will be expected to work in a cold, wet environment

- Must be able to speak and read English

- Must follow all safety and quality policies and regulations

- You will be expected to work and live aboard a vessel with 30-110 days with minimal communications (there is Wi-Fi access available)

- Must be capable of boarding and exiting the vessel without assistance by climbing up or down a gangway or by using a Jacob's ladder.


Making a living at-sea requires a special kind of person. This is a physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding workplace. Working aboard a processing vessel can be difficult and challenging. Our employees must deal with conditions such as long working hours, isolation from family and friends, cramped living condition and bad weather.

Crew is expected to be physically fit, capable of heavy lifting and rigorous physical labor. Work conditions are wet and cold inside the factory. The job requires physical endurance, repetitive lifting, agility, prolonged periods of standing, teamwork, and self-discipline. The factory operates continuously; production personnel work shifts are 12-16 hours, seven days a week for the entire contract. You must be able to follow directions and work as a team. 

You must pass a pre-employment drug test and participate in our US Coast Guard random drug testing program.

We are an equal employment opportunity employer.

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