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Family Services Manager

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Posted on June 8, 2018
Edmonds Community College is committed to diversity, equity and social justice.  The college values its talented, diverse workforce and seeks to attract, hire, and support employees who consistently and actively embrace diversity and equity.  We are intentional about social justice – the active engagement toward equity and inclusion that addresses issues of institutional, structural, and environmental inequity, power and privilege.

Scope of Work
Within Head Start & ECEAP Parent, Family and Community Engagement Framework, the Family Services Manager functions as a lead in all program activities pertaining to Parent, Family and Community Engagement services.  The Family Service Manager performs an advanced level of specialized case management that includes the essential functions of overseeing, directing, advising, instructing, supervising, and monitoring the delivery of Edmonds Community College (EdCC) Head Start & ECEAP parent, family, and community services to enrolled families. 
The Family Service Manager directs the work of assigned staff, contributes to employee performance evaluation, responsible for service quality and compliance with Parent, Family and Community Engagement Framework, oversees family service budget, assists in the evaluation and design of program services, and participates in the design, implementation, and evaluation of our staff training program
The Family Service Manager oversees and coaches (advises, instructs, and guides) assigned staff on:

  • conducting  family assessment
  • developing  appropriate family plans including agreements with clients on setting  goals that have specific behavioral objectives, are measurable and time limited 
  • implementing resource and referral system
  • maintaining service compliance
  • using intervention techniques
  • developing community resources
  • in-service case staffing, multidisciplinary and/or multi-agency case staffing
  • interviewing  adults and community to assess degree of need/risk, knowing available resources and  eligibility requirements
  • preparing for court proceedings, prepare documents, present written and/or oral testimony
  • providing appropriate correspondence with outside agencies
  • providing and/or arranging for supportive services such as consultation, problem resolution and crisis counseling for enrolled families 
  • lead in overseeing, tracking and main contact staff in Child Abuse & Neglect reporting for agency
  • ensuring that high tier families receive required home visits and attend focus family meetings at sites with Teacher/Family Advocates (TFAs)

When necessary, the Family Service Manager works with the TFAs and other agency departments as the lead case manager on high need/high risk families.  As a result, the Family Service Manager may have a small caseload of families that present in acute crisis and/or are in a constant state of crisis.  The Family Service Manager may also be required to organize and/or attend multidisciplinary meetings as needed.  
The Family Service Manager also monitors and advises staff on procedures and policies, meeting performance standards, completing forms, inputting data, maintaining records (electronic and paper), and using related materials.  Monitoring tasks include conducting file reviews, observations, and one-on-one staff conferences to:

  • ensure procedures are followed, deadlines met, and compliance with contractual requirements
  • evaluate quality of service performed

As part of monitoring responsibilities, the Family Service Manager compiles resulting data into usable monitoring reports for management that include corrective actions taken and recommendations to improve services.
The Family Service Manager provides service trainings, facilitates case consultations, and conducts staff meetings. In addition, the Family Service Manager explains Head Start & ECEAP policies and performance standards, and provisions of the law to staff, families, individuals, and members of the community. 
Working with the community, the Family Service Manager serves as program liaison between Head Start, ECEAP and community social service, educational, law enforcement, medical, and judicial agencies.  In this capacity, Family Service Manager may provide training and consult with community agency personnel and community groups.
Scope of Authority
The Family Service Manager supervises program Family Advocates (SWA 2) and reports to the Executive Director on the Family Advocates' work quality and productivity. The Family Service Manager:

  • provides FA/SWA 2 with feedback, coaching, training, technical assistance and supervision in accomplishing day-to-day work
  • works with FA/SWA 2 to maintain compliance and enhance service quality
  • provides guidance in the development of Tier 3 individual service strategies and oversight of Tier 1 and 2 services
  • monitors work product for contract compliance and completion of outcome requirements
  • the Family Service Manager reviews/approves FA/SWA 2 requests for time off, work schedules, and timesheets
  • as needed or required, the Family Service Manager completes appropriate internal personnel paperwork, submitting same to the Executive Director and EdCC HS/EHS & ECEAP human resources liaison
  • conducts FA/SWA 2 performance review, and makes employment and training recommendations to the Executive Director


Essential Skills and Knowledge
The Family Service Manager position requires knowledge of

  • social casework principles and practices
  • parenting-skill enhancement content, and teaching and training methods for parents
  • risk assessment and decision making
  • interviewing techniques
  • role of expert representative in both court proceedings and multidisciplinary team service delivery
  • principles of child development
  • concepts of group work and dynamics as applied to multidisciplinary teams  work approach
  • concepts of community organization as applied to the development of community resources
  • principles of individual and social development, vocational counseling, psychology, and applicable Federal and State laws, medical terminology and services
  • job training and educational resources
  • community resources
  • Head Start & ECEAP Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework
  • OHS & ECEAP – Performance Standards
  • relevant research studies and reports  and industry's current best practices 

The Family Service Manager requires the ability to:

  • work cooperatively with groups and individuals
  • organize and prioritize own work and assist others to do the same
  • manage a large caseload in an efficient and effective manner
  • assist other workers to develop and implement effective  techniques for caseload management
  • present material effectively in written and oral form
  • develop and implement casework plans to remove barriers for socially and economically disadvantaged clients
  • identify economic, cultural, physical, and environmental factors which support or limit family or individual functioning
  • work independently and make decisions around program issues
  • develop work and position skills in others
  • assess data, identify trends and patterns, analyze, draw conclusions and make recommendations



Minimum qualifications
At the time of hire, the Family Service Manager must have:

  1. A Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Science (Education, Family Systems, Family Studies, Child and Family Development, Public Health, community nursing, Sociology, Psychology, Social Work or similar)
  2. Two years of experience
    1. working with low-income families with young children
    2. training professional staff in task oriented social work
    3. working with diverse populations
  3. Valid Washington State Driver's License, reliable vehicle, automobile insurance and a clean driving record

Desired qualifications

  1. Experience working with staff responsible for:
    1. preschool child health issues
    2. strengthening family literacy and language development
    3. providing community referrals and follow-up
    4. working in collaborative settings with community agencies that result in ongoing services to children and families
    5. doing home visits and family conferences
    6. conducting workshops and training series
  2. Strong professional experience, skills and abilities in maintaining a complex written and electronic documentation and record-keeping system


Additional Information

Conditions of Employment
Hiring for this position is on the condition that candidates meet the following requirements:

Before Starting Work:

  • Paperwork indicating negative TB Test or clear chest x-ray
  • Proof of Tdap (Pertussis) vaccination
  • Show proof of a cleared Portable Background Check from the Washington State Department of Early Learning  (NOTE:  if you do not have a current PBC, you must first create an account in the DEL's MERIT system by clicking here.  The fees for obtaining a PBC are your responsibility. The entire process of obtaining a PBC takes 3-4 weeks.  You may not start working until we have a copy of your cleared PBC.)

Within three days of hire:

  • Submit proof of US Citizenship or ability to work in US (must show original social security or Alien Registration Card/Work Permit, as well as one piece of picture identification)
  • Completion of all pertinent personnel/payroll forms

Within 60 days of hire:

  • Signed statement by a health provider that the employee is free from communicable diseases and physically able to perform job responsibilities. 

Condition of continued employment:

  • Keep all certifications and clearances in current status
  • Complete 15 hours of Professional Development Training each year

Edmonds Community College is an equal opportunity employer and assures equality of treatment in educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex (gender), disability, sexual orientation, age, citizenship status, marital status, veteran status, or genetic information.  Applicants with disabilities who require assistance with the recruitment process may call 425-640-1470, 425-640-1832, or email jobs@edcc.edu, and accommodations will be made to the extent reasonably possible. The Human Resources Office is accessible to persons with disabilities.