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Family Advocate

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Posted on June 8, 2018


Edmonds Community College is committed to diversity, equity and social justice.  The college values its talented, diverse workforce and seeks to attract, hire, and support employees who consistently and actively embrace diversity and equity.  We are intentional about social justice – the active engagement toward equity and inclusion that addresses issues of institutional, structural, and environmental inequity, power and privilege.


Under general supervision of the Family Service Manager, the Family Advocate works with Teacher/Family Advocates (T/FA) to triage children and their parents' needs into tiers that reflect different levels of effort required to provide an integrated service that will intervene early, promoting positive outcomes for children and their parents.   This is a full time, classified position and reports to the Family Service Manager.
Once family needs are identified, assessed and sorted into tiers that reflect different levels of required effort, the Family Advocate assists the TFA in developing different strategies or identifying resources to work with families in Tiers 1 and 2.  For children and families that are assessed to be in Tier 3, the Family Advocate becomes the case manager, taking the lead in developing intervention strategies, working with the family, debriefing with the Family Service Manager and keeping connected with the child's TFA.  The Family Advocate presents Tier 4 children and families to the Triage Team.  The Triage Team core members are the Family Service Manager who is also the team facilitator, the mental health specialist, the pediatric nurse, the child/parent's Education Site Manager, as needed and appropriate, the TFA.  The Family Advocate implements the Triage Team Tier 4 plan submitting progress reports and making recommendations.
The four tiers are:

  • Tier 1:  Family is thriving and self-sufficient. . 

Parents who need only supplemental information and access to resources to enhance their child's development and learning experiences and to enrich their knowledge and skills in parenting and family well-being.  Primary is Teacher/Family Advocate.

  • Tier 2: Family is generally stable, though at-risk in some areas.

Children whose life chances may be jeopardized unless action is taken to prevent difficulties from emerging and/or continuing. Children (family) would benefit from the impact of some resources and referrals. The response level requires no further action other than referral(s) to school districts and/or community resources with follow-up with the parent to see if the need was met.  The need presented requires a relatively low-level response.  Primary is Teacher/Family Advocate with Family Advocate as a resource.

  • Tier 3: Family is vulnerable in multiple areas.

Children who are unlikely to achieve a reasonable standard of health, development or school success without the provision of services (including children with disabilities). The response level requires progressive processes including action relating to a child's health and safety, attendance, behavior, and developmental concerns. Family Advocate is the case management lead with families.

  • Tier 4: Families who have complex needs, are in crisis and/or whose children's welfare needs to be safeguarded or protected.  The nature of these responsibilities make it imperative the Triage Team (Family Service Manager, Mental Health Specialist, Pediatric Nurse, the child's Education Site Manager) has working knowledge of the child, parents' and family's presenting needs, of available community services and the authority to make service decisions.  Family Advocate works under the Triage Team (Family Service Manager) direction. 

The triage model manages workflow and resource allocation.  The goal is to effectively increase capacity to ensure the most critically presenting families receive the required level of response while the Family Advocate and T/FAs work with families providing the appropriate support to families in less critical situations. 
The Family Service Manager supervises the Family Advocate and reports to the Executive Director on Family Advocate's work quality and productivity.  The Family Service Manager:

  • Provides Family Advocate with feedback, coaching, training, technical assistance and supervision in accomplishing day-to-day work; 
  • Works with Family Advocate to maintain compliance and enhance service quality; 
  • Provides guidance in the development of Tier 3 individual service strategies and over sight of Tier 1 and 2 services; and
  • Monitors work product for contract compliance and completion of outcome requirements

The Family Service Manager reviews/approves Family Advocate's work schedules and timesheets; as needed or required, completes appropriate internal personnel paperwork, conducts Family Advocate performance review, and makes employment and training recommendations to the Executive Director. 
The ability to work independently and as a member of a team is essential to the success of this position.  The Family Advocate must demonstrate a working and theoretical knowledge of family systems, crisis intervention, family literacy and language development,  drug and alcohol issues, domestic violence, trauma-informed services, child physical and sexual abuse, and child neglect.  The Family Advocate must be knowledgeable of the factors affecting low-income families and have the skills to relate to and work with parents of diverse socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic and educational backgrounds.
Working with the Teacher/Family Advocates (T/FA) requires skills in negotiation, compromise, expressing empathy, effectively communicating, giving timely feedback that facilitates the process, efficiently managing time and tasks, sharing pertinent information, defining problems,  needs, and work expectations; reaching consensus on a decision or action, and working together to resolve a misunderstanding or conflict.
The position requires strong organizational, time management, record keeping and documentation (both paper and electronic) skills.  Family Advocate's computer skills  must allow the Family Advocate to write, respond and send emails, establish and update work calendar, complete database entry and generate established reports, and create documents in a word processing program is essential. 
The Family Advocate must be knowledgeable and is accountable for compliance with Head Start & ECEAP Performance Standards, service plans, and organizational employee and service policies, protocols and procedures as they relate to their position in delivering services.  Family Advocate must complete required forms, paperwork and data entry in a timely, neat, readable and appropriate manner. 


The Family Advocate must be able to:

  1. Work in a respectful manner with all children, parents and employees; comply with HS Performance Standard 1304.52(h)(1) Code of Conduct, and exhibit the attributes identified in SCHS Professional Behavior Expectations, and Edmonds CC Workplace Civility and Respect Policy.
  2. While in the presence of children, assure the safety of each child by remaining alert and focused at all times, making quick and spontaneous decisions using problem-solving skills and good judgment based on organizational policies and procedures.
  3. Punctuality and consistent attendance are essential functions of this position; consistent attendance as exhibited by no less than 95% attendance.
  4. Communicate in English (both orally and in writing) at a professional level with staff, parents, children, management, outside agencies, educational community, and the public in small to large group settings, one-on-one, or on the phone providing grammatically correct and content appropriate information suitable for diverse populations.
  5. Operate a PC computer accurately inputting data and statistics into established spreadsheet, database and word processing programs; maintain required record-keeping and tracking systems using established database, spreadsheet and/or word processing programs; generate documents and reports; and use e-mail system; maintain appropriate paper and electronic documentation/filing system.
  6. Observe, compare, or monitor data and behavior to determine compliance with other prescribed standards.
  7. Instruct others in a one on one, classroom or group setting.
  8. Comprehend and make inferences from written material.
  9. Operate motor vehicle requiring a standard driver's license.
  10. Produce written documents with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation and grammar.
  11. Walk over rough, uneven or rocky surfaces, climb stairs to perform home visits.



One of the following is required:

  1. An associate degree with the equivalent of 30 college quarter credits of adult education, human development, human services, family support, social work, early childhood education, child development, psychology, or another field directly related to their job responsibilities, AND four years of task-oriented social work experience, OR
  2. bachelor degree with the equivalent of 30 college quarter credits of adult education, human development, human services, family support, social work, early childhood education, child development, psychology, or another field directly related to their job responsibilities, AND two years of task-oriented social work experience


  1. Work experience with the following:
    • low-income families with young children who are racial/ethnic minorities and English is their second language
    • working with families in assessing needs and strengths, defining problems and concerns, developing action plans, providing feedback, documenting activity, producing outcomes, reaching goals, and writing reports
    • maintaining a complex written and electronic documentation and record-keeping system.
  2. Spanish language fluency


Additional Information

Hiring for this position is on the condition that candidates meet the following requirements:

Before Starting Work

  • Paperwork indicating negative TB Test or clear chest x-ray
  • Proof of Tdap (Pertussis) vaccination
  • Show proof of a cleared Portable Background Check from the Washington State Department of Early Learning (NOTE:  if you do not have a current PBC, you must first create an account in the DEL's MERIT system by clicking here.  The fees for obtaining a PBC are your responsibility. The entire process of obtaining a PBC takes 3-4 weeks.  You may not start working until we have a copy of your cleared PBC.)

Within three days of hire

  • Submit proof of US Citizenship or ability to work in US (must show original social security or Alien Registration Card/Work Permit, as well as one piece of picture identification).
  • Completion of all pertinent personnel/payroll forms.

Within 30 days of hire

  • Union Shop Fee: You must become a member of the classified union or pay a representation fee or no association fee within thirty calendar days of your hire.

Within 60 days of hire

  • Signed statement by a health provider that the employee is free from communicable diseases and physically able to perform job responsibilities. 

Condition of continued employment

  • Successfully complete a nine-month probationary period
  • Keep all certifications and clearances in current status
  • Complete 15 hours of Professional Development Training each year

Edmonds Community College is an equal opportunity employer and assures equality of treatment in educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex (gender), disability, sexual orientation, age, citizenship status, marital status, veteran status, or genetic information.  Applicants with disabilities who require assistance with the recruitment process may call 425-640-1470, 425-640-1832, or email jobs@edcc.edu, and accommodations will be made to the extent reasonably possible. The Human Resources Office is accessible to persons with disabilities.