Corrections Officer

Colville Tribes   Nespelem, WA   Full-time     Law Enforcement / Security
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Posted on February 4, 2021

Job Location Nespelem, WA
Position Type
Full Time
Education Level
High School
Salary Range
$20.80 - $2408 Hourly

CLOSING DATE: Open continuously with weekly reviews
POSITION: Corrections Officer
SALARY: $20.80-$24.08 per hour, DOE
REPORTS TO: Shift Sergent
LOCATION: Corrections; Nespelem, Washington

BASIC FUNCTIONS: This is a Non-Exempt position. Incumbent of this position will plan, supervises, and coordinate support services for Tribal Corrections. Incumbent will plan, organize, prioritize and supervise inmates, records, data entry, and transport inmates. Incumbent will provide administrative and Correctional Officer support to Tribal Corrections.


Education and Trainings:

  • Requires a High School Diploma or GED.
  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • Requires a valid state driver’s license.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Requires working knowledge of constitutional and statutory laws governing law corrections, security and control procedures.
  • Requires knowledge of facility standardized rules and procedures and to abide by the Department’s polices and display high moral character with a commitment to the agency mission.
  • Requires knowledge of reservation lifestyle, culture and customs.
  • Requires knowledge of computers and associated software.
  • Requires well-developed human relations skill to resolve conflict and to work with disturbed or angry, or emotional individuals and groups and cooperate with a work team.
  • Requires sufficient language and writing skill to prepare reports.
  • Requires sufficient math skills to records measurements, sums, and readings.
  • Requires skilled ability in communicating effectively in person, on the phone, in written format and write clear; concise reports.
  • Requires the ability to successfully complete the Indian Policy Academy, Corrections Officer Training Program within the probationary period of employment.
  • Requires the ability to obtain Law Enforcement Commission after successful completion of Academy.
  • Requires the ability to pass an extensive Tribal, State and Federal Criminal History Background Inquiry;’ Fingerprinted.
  • Requires the ability to maintain STRICT confidentiality standards and be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement for the Program.
  • Requires the ability to retain qualifications with a firearm, rifle, shotgun, Taser, etc., and maintain throughout employment.
  • Requires the ability to work/drive in adverse weather conditions.
  • Requires the ability to work shift hours including evenings, weekends, and holidays, and be subject to call in on short notice.
  • Requires the ability to sit and/or stand for extended periods of time.
  • Requires the ability to respond appropriately in emergency situations.
  • Requires the ability to maintain professional and positive work attitude and appropriate conduct with co-workers, supervisors, other agencies, and the general public.
  • Requires the physical ability to disassembling, reassembling, loading, firing, and performing malfunctions drills with a revolver, semi-automatic pistol, and shotgun.
  • Requires the physical ability to handcuff and restrain resisting suspects.
  • Requires the physical ability to give loud verbal and hand signal commands that be understood at 50 yards.
  • Requires the physical ability to stand, walk, sprint, lay down, roll-over, and jumping on verbal commands, without hesitation, or assistance.
  • Requires the physical ability to pick up, carry and drag 100 pounds of dead weight over 25 yards.
  • Requires the physical ability to use chemical dispensing weapons on command.
  • Requires the physical ability to accurately and consistently following verbal, written, and hand signal commands, without hesitation, or assistance.
  • Requires the physical ability to quickly close large, heavy doors.
  • Requires the physical ability to run up and down two (2) flights of stairs.

Additional Requirements:

  • Selection Factors: Completed application, resume, three professional reference letters and background clearance.
  • Written Test: Candidates must pass a written examination, upon successfully passing the written examination, the candidate will move on to a physical agility test.
  • Physical Agility Test: Candidates receiving a passing score on the written test will be invited to a physical agility test. The physical agility demonstration is a multi-dimensional process designed to test for minimum levels of endurance, strength and flexibility. This fitness evaluation will be rated on a pass or fail only.
  • Oral Board: The final portion of the series will be an oral board evaluation (pass/fail) and subsequent interview with the Chief of Corrections. All portions of the process are designed to sample and measure the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Background Investigation: A background investigation includes the following: criminal history check, employment history, personal references, driving history, credit history, polygraph examination, and finally a psychological evaluation for suitability.
    • Personal references and current and previous employers will be contacted.



  • As an adult, convicted of any drug crime, felony or misdemeanors.
  • Use of Mushrooms within the last three (3) years
  • Use of hallucinogens (includes GHB & ecstasy), cocaine, methamphetamine, or opiates within the last ten (10) years
  • Use of any other illegal drug, including steroids, within the last five (5) years
  • Illegal use of four (4) or more different controlled substances, including marijuana, in the last ten (10) years
  • Any instance of manufacturing or cultivating illegal drugs for the purpose of sale or distribution
  • Use of any illegal drugs while employed in a criminal justice capacity
  • Obtaining a prescription under false pretenses
  • Any instance of illegally injected amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, barbiturates, or valium
  • Any instance of illegally using a drug after submitting an application to any Law Enforcement agency.
  • Marijuana use will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis; however, in order to increase the likelihood of continuing on in the hiring and background process, an applicant should not have used Marijuana in the last twelve (12) months.

Criminal Activity:

  • Any adult felony convictions
  • Any adult misdemeanor conviction for crimes involving theft or crimes of violence
  • Any conviction for sex related crime
  • Any instance of required registration as a sex offender, regardless of conviction status
  • Any conviction for solicitation of prostitution


  • Conviction of Driving under the Influence of Alcohol within the last ten (10) years. 
  • Conviction of Driving under the Influence of Alcohol more than once
  • As an adult, conviction of Attempting to Elude, or Hit and Run
  • As an adult, conviction of Reckless or Negligent Driving 1st degree in the last five (5) years
  • Driving While License Suspended/Revoked reviewed on a case-by-case basis

Domestic Violence:

  • Any conviction for any crime classified as a domestic violence offense


  • Any discharge from any military service other than honorable will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Any dishonorable discharge remains an automatic disqualifier

Note: Pursuant to Tribal Policy, if this position is safety sensitive it is subject to pre-employment drug testing. In addition, this position is subject to reasonable suspicion and post-accident drug testing.


If required of this position, you must possess and maintain a valid Washington State driver’s license and be eligible for the Tribes’ Vehicle Insurance. In addition, this position may be subject to pre-employment background clearances. If applicable, these clearances must be maintained throughout employment.