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City of Everett
Everett, WA Full-time
Posted on June 27, 2019

The City of Everett seeks a diverse group of qualified individuals who are interested in exciting career opportunities:


Lateral Police Officer
$7885/month – UP TO $20,000 Bonus!

Work of this class involves a variety of law enforcement activities including patrol of designated areas of City on foot or in a radio and computer equipped automobile, motorcycle, small watercraft, or bicycle to investigate, deter and/or discover possible violations of criminal and vehicle (and/or boating) traffic laws, codes and/or ordinances.  Responds to calls, complaints or reports of the actual, possible or potential occurrence of specific criminal activity, and professional administration of immediate assistance to citizens in critical and/or emergency situations where the security of lives and/or property may be endangered.  Activities are generally performed independently, under the administrative and technical supervision of a Police Sergeant or other ranking officer.  In addition, all work must be performed in accordance with applicable department rules, procedures, and policies.  Employees may be directed to engage in specialized assignments according to individual knowledge, experience, or expertise gained as a uniformed officer.  Work may be reviewed by superior officers via personal inspection, reviews or written reports, and/or oral discussions.


Police Officer Entry-Level
$6,016.00 - $7,885.00/month

This is an entry-level Civil Service class involving supervised training and exercise of routine duties associated with the protection of life and property by enforcement of state and municipal codes, regulations, and ordinances.  The positions are located at the Everett City Hall and one or more positions will generally occur each year.  The Civil Service eligibility register for this position is subject to continuous modification as a result of the open/continuous nature of the process; however, scores earned as a result of this screening process are valid for twelve (12) months after certification by the Civil Service Commission.  This job classification is represented by the Everett Police Officers Association.  In addition, entry into this classification through an open/competitive basis is subject to an eighteen (18) month probationary period.  Employment in this class requires compliance with all department fitness standards and requirements as well as a satisfactory background check, FBI record check, polygraph (lie detector) exam, and psychological evaluation.  Hiring offers are contingent upon successful completion of a City-paid LEOFF medical evaluation and medical history review, which may include back x-rays and will include drug screening.


Paratransit Operator
$18.69/hour (closes 7/12/2019)

This work involves operating a passenger van and providing associated assistance activities involving the local transportation of senior and disabled citizens. The work is performed under the supervision of the Paratransit Operations Supervisor.  Drivers may receive prearranged transportation assignments or respond to radio transmitted calls describing transportation/assistance activities. Successful completion of a City-paid medical evaluation is a condition of employment.  Extensive background checks including a Homeland Security background check will be conducted.


Engineering Technician
$5113 - $6206/month (closes 7/19/2019)

Work will involve technical support for a variety of tasks and projects primarily related to the City's Public Works department. This includes major infrastructure disciplines such as water, sewer and stormwater conveyance, surface water management, roadways, and traffic. Support also is provided to other departments such as Parks, Facilities and Transit.  Employees in this class may be expected to have technical knowledge and proficiencies, gained through training and experience, in one or more of the following areas depending on assignment: record keeping, graphics, project scheduling, hand drafting, 3D computer-aided design, use of GIS software, field research, and the ability to make construction materials estimates and related calculations.  The work of Engineering Technicians may be reviewed while in progress or upon completion by a technical supervisor. Once an employee gains proficiency in his/her assigned tasks, more independence and discretion is expected in handling projects and priorities. The current vacancy is in the Public Works Engineering CAD Group. 


Parking Enforcement Officer
$3629 – $4410/month (closes 7/12/2019)

Employees in this class perform fieldwork in connection with the enforcement of parking codes, and issues traffic tickets for infractions of the various city ordinances governing parking.  The duties include considerable public contact answering questions on regulations, directions and locations.  The work also involves assisting the police in related areas such as identifying stolen vehicles and directing traffic around stalled vehicles.  Ordinarily, the parking enforcement officers work either on foot or with a three-wheeled motorized vehicle in an assigned district in accordance with general instructions.  The work is performed under the general direction of a Sergeant who reviews work methods and results through reports, personal inspection, and discussion.


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